Cardiac Magnetic Resonance T1-Mapping of the Myocardium: Technical Background and Clinical Relevance

Myocardial T1-mapping has become feasible over the past decade as emerging technological magnetic resonance imaging advances enable increasingly rapid and reliable acquisition techniques. A variety of T1-mapping sequences are in development, with most allowing for the acquisition of a single-slice T1-map in a single breath-hold. The development of these protocols has spurred investigation into a wide range of potential clinical uses, including the characterization of cardiomyopathies. Although native T1-mapping provides superior tissue characterization, postcontrast T1-mapping is still indispensable for extracellular volume quantification. Ongoing and future studies should investigate the reliability, reproducibility, accuracy, and precision of available techniques and establish disease-specific reference values for T1-mapping-based parameters. 

PMID: 28471811

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