Cardiac MR Imaging in Acute Coronary Syndrome: Application and Image Interpretation

Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is a frequent cause of hospitalization and coronary interventions. Cardiac magnetic resonance (MRimagingis an increasingly used technique for initial work-up of chest pain and early post-reperfusion and follow-up evaluation of ACS to identify patients at high risk of further cardiac events. Cardiac MR imaging can evaluate with accuracy a variety of prognostic indicators of myocardial damage, including regional myocardial dysfunction, infarct distribution, infarct size, myocardium at risk, microvascular obstruction, and intramyocardial hemorrhage in both acute setting and later follow-up examinations. In addition, MR imaging is useful to rule out other causes of acute chest pain in patients admitted to the emergency department. In this article, a brief explanation of the pathophysiology, classification, and treatment options for patients with ACS will be introduced. Indications of cardiac MR imaging in ACS patients will be reviewed and specific cardiac MR protocol, image interpretation, and potential diagnostic pitfalls will be discussed. 

PMID: 28005512

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