1. Guidelines look like advertisements for companies.

    The first paper asked a good question, but the comment didn’t answer it well since American doctors have limited medical training and refuse to learn Chinese language.

    Chinese doctors spent 5,000 years studying all kinds of vegetable and animals to treat diseases. My grandpa used acupuncture to treat so many diseases. I had spent 18 years studying, training, and practicing western medicine in cardiology. These days, I follow a mentor in Chinese medcine. I see so many patients use Chinese herbs equivalent, or better in function to those drugs in western medicine. For example , Panax Notoginseng (Burk.) F.H.Chen is much better than Asprin. Patients praise symptoms gone, although doctors of western medicine fail.

    Documents of Chinese medicine may account to be half of medical papers and books all over the world. These are not in guidelines of west. High medical treatment cost can help doctors of west medicine to maintain good salary. In my opinion, guidelines look like advertisements for companies, thus they change all day long for better sales of different products. But truth cannot change everyday.

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