Ischaemia Testing in Patients With Stable Angina: Which Test for Whom?

Coronary artery stenoses frequently cause chest pain and/or dyspnoea. The clinical challenge for a physician taking care of patients presenting for the first time with such symptoms is to find out the underlying cause by applying a straightforward and accurate diagnostic approach—which minimises use of personal and financial resources while achieving a conclusive and clinically helpful diagnosis. Since (1) the clinical picture of patients presenting with symptoms of chest pain and/or dyspnoea is multifaceted, and (2) the diagnostic armamentarium for work-up of suspected coronary artery disease (CAD) is steadily growing, an evidence based and profound knowledge of the diagnostic value and specific features/requirements of diagnostic tests is mandatory in order to choose the appropriate modality for the individual patient. Therefore, this article will focus of the pre-test assessment of clinical symptoms in patients with suspected CAD, and the subsequent selection of the most appropriate diagnostic modality for work-up of CAD. 

PMID: 24700563

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