Use of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Assessing Mitral Regurgitation: Current Evidence

Accurate quantification of regurgitant volume is a central component to the management of mitral regurgitationCardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) accurately quantifies mitral regurgitation as the difference between left ventricular stroke volume and forward stroke volume using steady state free precession and phase contrast imaging. The CMR measurement of mitral regurgitant volume is reproducible and can quantify mitral regurgitation in patients without regard to regurgitant jet morphology, such as patients with multiple and eccentric jets. It can be used to quantify regurgitant volume in patients with multiple valve lesions and concomitant intracardiac shunts without the use of intravenous contrast. Studies have highlighted the accuracy and reproducibility of CMR in quantifying mitral regurgitation and have begun to link CMR to clinical outcomes. 

PMID: 29406861

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